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Our Focus

1. Strategy and Culture Development

Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. We provide the expertise and execution capabilities of a larger firm for a fraction of the investment.

Temple Executive Coaching provides you with a complete strategic planning and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

  • A. Answer the most important strategic questions to give your organization an edge and agree on only the most important priorities required for success.
  • B. Put in place accountability and a structure to make sure that your strategy actually gets implemented by the whole organization, while drawing on your employees, knowledge, and expertise.
  • C. Your company develops a culture, whether you actively influence it or not. The culture will grow based on the inputs it receives. If you are not actively steering the company toward the culture you want, then you will get a culture you don’t want. Our coaches take a deep dive approach to flush out the true core principles of your organization. We then show you techniques to put in place that help establish the real culture of your organization.

2. Leadership and Employee Engagement

The people skills of a leader have consequences for the success of their teams.  John Zenger, a leadership expert asked thousands of employees to score the leadership effectiveness of their boss. Here are some findings:

  • When only focusing on one’s ability to get things done, the leader had a 14% chance of being rated in the top 10% of all leaders.
  • When the leader was also able to effectively manage relationships, his or her chance of being rated as a top leader skyrocketed to 72%.   (1.)
  • Likewise, employees who are self-aware and have a high degree of mental fitness, perform 31% better than those who are not, and have 37% more sales when in that role, according to Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestseller, Positive Intelligence.   (2).

When you address these two components; the people skills of a leader and the self-awareness and mental fitness of the employees, you will have a powerful combination resulting in peak performance for your team.


  1. Zengler, J, & Folkman, J., (2009) The Extraordinary Leader:  Turning Great Managers into Leaders, New York:  Mac-Graw Hill
  2. Chamine, Shirzad, (2012)  Positive Intelligence, Greenleaf Book Group Press

3. Financial Health

Financial Health – Sometimes it takes a real Sherlock Holmes to investigate finances.  Our virtual CFO has a sharp eye to dive into the financials of an organization, find the deep problems of an organization’s financial position, and structural disconnects.  Once uncovered, solutions are proposed.

Our process ensures each department is working together not only for successful day to day operations, but to ensure that strategic initiatives are well funded.

The mechanics of running a business are not really very complicated when you get down to essentials. You have to make some stuff and sell it to somebody for more than it cost you. That’s about all there is, except for a few million details.
– John L. McCaffey

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin